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Dreadilocks is a mythical trickster figure. She is non-conventional and lives on the margins of society. She is a goddess, but her lineage is partially creature, which is evident because she was born with a spider web tattoo. Hence, she has her foot in both the pantheon and the creatures’ domains, and it is unclear to whom she owes allegiance. She messes with the gods and is usually coerced into fixing the disorder. In the process she brings new technologies to Old Town.

Mahogany Woman is a fertility goddess. Her essence assures the perpetuation of life in Old Town. She is mistress of the lunar cycle. Together with Walnut Man, she oversees the seasons. Mahogany Woman's pearl necklace has magic powers. When called upon it is able to seduce and mesmerize.

Mahogany Woman


Jav' is the god of communication. He glides slowly, but not so steadily on his scooter to deliver his messages. His helmet is compliant with the latest Old Town safety requirements. Just like his head, he keeps his magic charms from any harm. Technology is threatening his code; when all is said and done, what will his role be?

Thera is the supreme deity of Altstadt Mythos. She sits at the head of the table in the sacred pub of Old Town. Thera is a clairvoyant and all-knowing. She maintains the balance between nature and culture. Therefore, she is often in the position of mediator in Old Town. Her followers are therapists.


Walnut Man

Walnut Man is the god of harvest, and he oversees the rhythms of nature. Hence, he also embodies music. Most glorious of the pantheon, he rules over produce of the earth, prosperity, and peace. Walnut Man is also the god of virility, and he is much sought after by the goddesses.

Spider is arguably a benevolent creature in relation to the pantheon. She has the tools for networking: the filament and the web. Her victims derive from nature and are transformed. Spider’s six eyes are all seeing and her eight legs are far-reaching.



Humpback is master creature of the waves. Most beings are unaware of how he creates his songs. His conch holds the secret of sound waves needed for telecommunication technologies. Humpback guards the mystery of waveforms, lest a box of babble get released.

'Pede is a pest of the genus Scolopendra Gigantea. He is a type of centipede known to eat spiders. As enemy to spider, he is also antithetical to systems and will do what he can to prevent them. ?Pede is foe of the pantheon and the technologies they tap from nature.



Serpent provides an endless supply of wine for the deities in the Altstadt Mythos sacred pub. Otherwise resting, a mere tickle of its chin wakes it and provokes a mystic spew.


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