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Walnut Man

Walnut Man

Altstadt Mythos brings answers to a disinformed populace. The pantheon includes gods and goddesses in human form that you might expect to find hanging around in Old Town. Their vegan diets provide them with eternal life. They are ancient archetypes with turn-of-the-century issues. For better or worse, they are our cultural champions; they attempt to balance the chaotic forces of nature, often with unexpected consequences.

Creatures are manifestations of the forces of nature, and there are various types. Pests are generally outright enemies of the pantheon and seek to bring them down. The role of pests is atrophy, or to break down and recycle. The pantheon would be in to this if it didn’t result in their own destruction. The pests are also anti-technology, and they seek to stop the manipulation of natural resources.

Other mythic creatures tentatively cooperate with the Altstadt pantheon, or they are unwitting participants in the scheme of things.

Inventors are another group of sprites in Altstadt Mythos. There is no love between the pantheon and inventors, but there is co-dependency. There is a certain reliance on technology provided by the inventors, but the pantheon loathes upgrades. If inventors leave their labs they must bring with them bottles of stale air, lest they lose their cryptic abilities.


   she angered the gods
She put out the light
Had to make it right

She has the power
But she needs the tools,
From the realm Spider rules

On the moonlit street
Some blinking fireflies
Caught her eyes…

Dreadi succeeded,
   she zapped the foe
Wanted to eat her
The ‘pede did wither

She made the union
Harnessed the force
With cosmic intercourse

The goddess’ appeased
For now at least
Conquered the beast

But about electric lights
There is some discussion
About lasting repercussion





Want to learn more about the Altstadt Mythos pantheon? Visit the deities page for information about the gods, goddesses, pests, and other creatures that inhabit this realm.

Questions? Feel free to contact the creator of Altstadt Mythos: Erik Schjeide, PhD, MFA





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