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Erik Schjeide PhD, MFA ~ Intermedia Scholar, Artist, Craftsman

Samples of photography: erik@hummm.net

Europe 2008 Travel Blog Stockholm, Berlin, Gmunden, Bolzano, Oslo, Aalesund, Bergen

Europe 2007 Travel Blog Lindenfels, Berlin Germany and Hallstatt Austria

Europe 2006 Travel Blog Munich Germany and Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna, Linz Austria

Northcoast Locations Eureka waterfront and Woodley Island Marina

Samples of film:

A Romantic Fantasy Originally 16mm B&W, featuring Jim and Nancy Borge-Riis. Length: 1 minute. Size: 3.9 MB download. *

Oak Creek Reverie Meditation in a Southwest landscape. 16mm color reversal with additional video filters. Length: 6 minutes. Size: 14.8 MB download. *

River Song This film, originally in 16mm format with an optical soundtrack, juxtaposes the natural beauty of the Van Dusen River with the impact of man on the environment. Additional photography and editing by Jason Myer, Valerie Pollentier, and Christine Cannova. Length: 7 minutes. Size: 15.5 MB download.

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* This film is silent. It is created in an educational environment and is for non-commercial use only. Added music selections are intended to enhance viewing pleasure. Multimedia Educational Fair Use regulations have been observed.